Wednesday, April 21, 2010

"BRA-zarre" Behavior

I've been MIA for a few months, but as you can see from the picture, it's because my little man is keeping me very busy! The latest is that he has some weird fixation with my bras. He'll find them (no matter where I put them), and try to wear them on his head like a hat, or around his neck like a cape. The worst incident was when he decided to bring out my hot pink padded bra into the front room when we had company, and hand it over to my brother-in-law like he was giving him the best gift ever! How embarrassing! Is this obsession just because the bra is a weird contraption? Is it because deep in his subconscious he remembers that the bra once contained a necessity for his life? Or, does the male obsession for breasts just start earlier and earlier these days? Where's Freud when you need him? Hmmmm.... :)

Saturday, February 20, 2010

First Year Stats!

Well, I'm a month late, but since my little guy is officially now a one-year-old (uh, even typing it is crazy!), I decided that I'd list this year's stats.

1 yr check up stats: 9% - Weight
25% - Height
65% - Head (Seriously, you'd think he would look like a malnourished kid
with a tooth-pick body and an orange for a head, but he looks really
Size that Buhba wears: 9-12 months!
# of Doctor's Visits: 20+ (6 visits to the specialists)
# of ER visits: 2
# of Diapers Used: 2,256
# of Wipes Used: 7,034
# of Times I've been peed on: 3
# of Times I've been pooped on: 5
# of Times I've been PUKED on: 17
# of Times #2 happened in the tub: 1 (I just jinxed myself, huh?)
# of Times Noses were wiped: 762
Age Bubha Cut his first tooth: 7 1/2 months
Number of Teeth: (total for the year) 6
Age Buhba learned to crawl: 7 months
Age Buhba learned to walk: 11 3/4 months
# of Swimming Lessons: 9
# of Times I was told that my kid was "huge" and I rolled my eyes (you saw his stats!): 14
# of Times the movie, "Open Season" was viewed: 58
# of Times the movie, "Cars" was viewed: 32
# of words Buhba can say: 6 (Daddy, Momma, Jesus, Who's that?, Dog, Baby)
# of Times the dog food has been eaten: 14
# of Times Mommy has said, "NO!": (Too many to calculate!!!!)
# of Times Mommy thought that she'd end up getting checked into an insane asylum: 10.5
# of Times Buhba melted Mommy's Heart: 50,000+
# of Cuddles from Buhba: 101
# of times Buhba has gone to work meetings or conferences with Mommy: 30+
# of clothes items lost in battle with "blowouts": 9
# of Times toys have been fished out of the toilet: 2 (I'm sure there will be many more!)
# of Times Buhba has dialed someone (sorry Amanda!) on my phone: 10-12
lbs. of Sweet Potatoes consumed: 20.25
# of Times I was BIT while nursing: 6!!! (OUCH!)
# of Months I lasted breast-feeding: 13 (don't worry, I'm officially done!)
# of Times my computer has been pulled down onto the floor: 2
# of Times the dog water was dumped out onto the floor, and then Buhba decided to play in it: 8
# of Signs Buhba can Sign:5 (More, All Done, Thank You, Hat, Please)
# of Toys Received:50 + (19 books for Christmas ALONE!)
# of Wet, Slobbery Kisses from Buhba: Countless!
# of Times Bubha maked the "Touchdown" sign when he watched a basketball game (ha ha): 4
# of Times I found poop on the floor and I didn't know if it was from Buhba or the dog: 2
# of Kisses Blown to me: 100+
# of Times the Dog snapped at Buhba: 4
# of Stories Read to Buhba: 54.5
# of Wonderful Memories: Millions! It's been quite the year, but I wouldn't change it for the world!

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Bubha's Oatmeal Custard

I've been trying very hard to make sure that Buhba is eating good, nutritious food (and not just what is easiest/fastest to give him). I have been experimenting with some recipes that I've found, and then adding my own mommy touch to. Here's the latest (it's sooooo yummy, it's hard for me to not eat it all!) This is perfect for breakfast, lunch, or just a mid-day snack.

Buhba's Oatmeal Custard
-Make one Cup of oatmeal from scratch. Use whole milk instead of water and add a little bit of cinnamon to taste. (This by itself is really good too!)
-Mix package of vanilla pudding with whole milk (see instructions on the box)
-Mix Cup of cooked oatmeal and mixed pudding together, then add to one cup of vanilla baby yogurt (I like YoBaby).
-Warm in the microwave for about 30 seconds (just so it's warm) and add half a bannana (cut up) on top.

Mommy Modification: substitute fat-free milk for all of the whole milk portions, and use a low-fat or fat-free yogurt.

Friday, January 29, 2010

You Know You're a Mommy When...

You Know You're a Mommy When...
You are willing to put your need for sanitation, and your issues with claustrophobia aside to take your one-year-old down the McDonald's slide! (Oh the things you see in the McDonald's slides!)

Mommy Lesson of the Day

Mommy Lesson of the Day:
Don't let your baby wear white socks when he's in his crawling stage (or else have EXTREMELY clean floors and carpet). I just had to throw out a ton of white socks because they are now beige!

Monday, January 25, 2010

Festivities for Buhba's 1st Birthday

Buhba had his first birthday last week and I have to say that the festivities were a success! I'm so glad that it all worked out, and everyone had fun. However in hindsight, the realistic side of me asks, "really, other than pictures (and video), will Buhba actually remember this day at all?" Well, the answer is obviously "no." However, when Buhba is naughty I will remind him that his mommy stressed herself out over his first birthday party, but would do it all again for her little guy because she would do anything for him. This includes spending way too much time on making a cake, decorations, and food for a party of nine people who came to celebrate with us.

The Decor!
We (and by we I mean, my husband with me bossing him around) decorated the house with a sports theme (if you know my husband, you'd know that this was the only option), complete with signs that said "concessions" in the kitchen, "rest rooms", and "Heath Stadium" on our front door. I also used a picture of Buhba when he was a week old as the center-piece on the table, with Nerf footballs, baseballs, soccer, and basketballs surrounding it. I was pretty happy with how it looked.

The Food!
To top off our sports-themed night, we served appetizers that you'd have at a sports bar: chicken nuggets, wings, mozzerella sticks, fries, pigs-in-a-blanket, and raspberry lemonade. I got a yummy chicken nuggets recipe off of Betty Crocker's website (it's also where I got the idea for my cupcakes!)

The Cake!
As for the cake, I used a football-shaped tin (that I got in February last year, just for this event!), and baked a devil's food cake in it. After that, I sliced the cake horizontally down the middle and filled it with a mixture of caramel, marshmallow fluff, butter, and crushed oreos. Then, I frosted it to make it look like a football. I also made white cupcakes and mixed in chocolate chips into the batter (which was a huge hit!), and frosted the cupcakes to look like soccer, basketball, and baseballs (well, that's what they were supposed to look like anyway!) I covered a piece of cardboard (off of a Huggies' box) with tin foil, then spread white frosting across it. I then put coconut (which was dyed green with food coloring) down over the white frosting to look like grass. I put the cake and cupcakes on top.

Please note, that I am really not normally domestic at all!!! I guess that it's true that mommies will do anything for their kids! The whole time I was doing this, my husband kept saying, "Who are you???! This isn't normal!"

Yes, Buhba's birthday was a success, and now I know why birthday's only come once a year!

Balancing Working from Home and Being a Mom

I write articles about job searching, etc. for, and today I wrote this article about moms working from home.

How to Balance Working from Home and Being a Mom

Brooke Heath

When I first realized that I would have the opportunity to do the majority of my work from home while raising my one-year old, I thought, “perfect!” Little did I know that while working from home can save in baby-sitter fees, it’s not always the picture-perfect scenario that I envisioned. Trying to chase around a toddler while doing work (thank goodness for laptops!) can be difficult to say the least, but at the same time, very rewarding and worthwhile. Through trial and error, I have learned the following tips on how to find a balance between my career at home, and raising my child.

Set New Priorities

Before my son came into my life, I had no problem keeping my house very clean, and completing my work. However, once he came, I realized that my time (and sanity) didn’t allow for everything to be my version of “perfect” anymore – something had to give. Sadly, there are days when my husband comes home from work and the dishes are piled up, and the baby’s toys are scattered through out the house. However, I find satisfaction knowing that I attended to my two main priorities for that day: keeping my child happy and healthy, and completing my work duties. I had to set new priorities, and unfortunately, while other things are still important, keeping my house clean, have dinner on the table, and laundry always caught up, they are no longer at the top of my priority list.

Get Organized

In the last year, my new best friend has become the notepad on my nightstand. Each night, I make a list of the things that I need to accomplish the following day, and make a schedule of when I will do them. Of course, as any mom will tell you, with kids you have to expect the unexpected, and no schedule is foolproof. So, allow for some wiggle room in your schedule. However, even if something comes up, I have an overview of what I need to do for the day, from start to finish, which helps in my productivity for the day.

Keep Multi-tasking to a Minimum

I know this sounds crazy to any mom, because we depend on multi-tasking. But when you’re trying to work from home, multi-tasking can actually cut into your work time, and/or even distract and hinder you from getting your work done. It can actually be more productive to set aside dedicated work time, rather than attempt to do work all day, all the while chasing after kids, doing laundry, and all of the other tasks that moms do. For example, I like to dedicate several hours just to work. I put on my blinders to cleaning, and everything else that can wait. Also, during this time, I set my child up with toys, and let him have some time dedicated to self-play (of course checking on him regularly!). I find that so much more gets accomplished this way.

Take Advantage of Naptime!

Naptime is a magical term to any mom, but this part of the day can be especially helpful to moms working from home. Work to have naptime be a set time each day, and use this time to accomplish work tasks that can’t be done with the kids awake. For example, follow up on phone calls (which is soooo difficult with kids screaming in the background), have a web conference, etc. It can be so tempting to join the kids for a nap of your own, but utilize this precious time to accomplish important tasks!

Enlist Help of Others

There are some days when my workload is so huge that I need to enlist the help of others. Sometimes, I’ll take my baby to my husband’s office and drop him off, call my neighbor, or ask my mother-in-law to come over, so that I can get work done without chasing around my little guy, and repeating the words, “please don’t touch that,” or “we don’t eat dog food!” every minute. If you don’t have friends or family close by to help on especially overwhelming workdays, consider hiring a sitter or nanny to be on-call just to help in those dire times.

Don’t Procrastinate!

A huge problem with working from home can be a lack of self-motivation, and procrastination. Not because it’s intentionally done, but because there are so many other things that can get in the way and distract us! Referring back to your schedule, focus on what absolutely needs to get done that day, and don’t let other less important things distract you. (The laundry will still be there when you’re done.)

Allow for “Mom Time”

When you’re a mom, there’s almost no time for yourself. Add to that having work responsibilities that are pressing you for time, and you can say good-bye to any “mom time.” However, it’s important for your sanity, for your career, and your family, that you do take a few minutes out of the day for yourself. For me, this time is my “Diet-Coke-run time.” I grab my baby, load up the car, and drive down the road to grab a drink. It doesn’t (and shouldn’t) take too much time out of your busy day, but allowing yourself your own “mom time” will help to rejuvenate you, and allow you to go back to whatever you’re doing with a new sense of motivation, and focus (especially when you’re having “one of those” days).

Those Days…

There are “those days” when I’m feeding a baby with one hand, and typing with the other (like now) and I think, “those moms who work outside of the house, and can be productive for hours at a time and get work done are so lucky.” But then I watch my little guy (who just started walking) toddle across the room to give me a hug, and I realize how blessed I am; I get to share in the milestones of my son’s life, while at the same time work at a job that I really enjoy